sunday surfing: san antonio, revisited

san antonio, mission concepcion

When you travel for work people think you’re out and about and basically on vacation. Those of us who travel for work know that’s not the case….many times you’re staring at the gray walls and multi-colored carpets of hotel meeting rooms and don’t see the light of day…that is, until it’s long gone and the moon takes its place.

However, when and where I can, I do try to take at least a few hours (sometimes a few days) on my own to explore the city and find hidden gems, or revisit haunts from the past. This week, I headed back to San Antonio, TX.

Truth be told, it didn’t hold a special place in my heart or light a desire to explore…UNTIL I got to see it through the eyes of a co-worker who calls this place home…

Dinner was the goal, but much more was achieved…a childhood dream…unexpected city tour…met people familiar with my hometown (yes, Manassas, we’re known outside of VA)…and a trip to two missions–historic treasures unknown to my traveling mind…

I now have a new excitement for my next visit…sit in my hotel? No way!! There are places to visit and experiences to be had…Up next?

Let’s see…a trip to the “Southtown” area of San Antonio…there’s The Mercado…Feast…The Friendly Spot and many, many more hipster treasures. Check this link for a sneak peek…

Want to see a million lights twinkle in the sky and reflect in the moonlight? Then visit during Christmas…and take a Boudros dinner cruise…ask for Jeff and Jerome…they’re good peeps and you get to see some cool sites…where are my Miss Congeniality fans? You pass the very stage where Sandra Bullock (I mean, Gracie Hart) participates in the swimsuit competition…yes, it’s a little touristy, but totally worth it.

boudros on the riverwalk

Oh, I’d be remiss if I didn’t suggest a Moscow Mule at Zinc Bistro & Wine Bar…I know, I know you were expecting a margarita to be the drink…but if you take said cruise mentioned above (no, they’re not paying me) then I highly recommend the prickly pear…yes, it’s a margarita and yes it’s very, very good!

For my previous posts about visiting San Antonio, take a trip down memory lane here, here, and here.

Thanks for indulging in my story! And, welcome to my favorite month of the year. 🙂

happy travels, tiffany


san antonio, 2014


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