weekend recap: a halloween trip to philly

How’d you spend your Halloween weekend? Me? With my girls in Philly, Philly. It’s been awhile since we’ve all hung out together, so what better time than Halloween in Philly? I couldn’t think of one. Especially since I’m on a crazy travel schedule right now, and Philly is middle ground for me in NYC….them in DC (with one by way of Atlanta).

I went to school (Go Dragons!) in Philly and haven’t been back much so I forget just how close and how cheaply you can get to Philly from NYC– $28 roundtrip on Boltbus and it’s only an 1.5 hour trip! Can’t beat that. Except it is a bit of a hike to get to the bus stop in NYC – Bolt, can we work on this?

Anyhow, I started off the trip catching up with my freshman year college roommate, who became a lifelong friend and basically family.  The weather was crappy – cold, windy and rainy, but the company was warm and friendly. She picked me up from 30th Street Station, and we made our trip to South Philly.

Of course, eating is always a part of the plan so brunch was in order. Chhaya Cafe is a super cute place that makes you feel like you’re in a charming, small town. My favorite part? The lighting and window tables and chairs. Once spring blooms, I can imagine this place bursting at the seams with a line still waiting to get in. They had a lot of great choices on the menu, I ordered the pumpkin pancakes, hoping for a repeat of the sweet potato ones I had at Highland Bakery in Atlanta, but sadly they didn’t compare. However, my friend’s french toast waffles – umm, yum! I  should have ordered those, oh well. You live and you learn.

Up next, some time in the hotel whilst waiting for said DC friends to arrive. As I noted the weather was crappy so that deterred my plans to walk around, visit my old campus – so the next best thing to pass the time? Hang out in the hotel bar. We stayed at the Sheraton Society Hill, which has been renovated and is nicely tucked away in Old City. A couple of glasses of wine and an order of fried ravioli later, my friends arrived and the next adventure was about to start.

So, what’s a girls’ weekend without someone ending up in jail? Well, what happens when all for go to go jail?! You get scared shitless, that’s what. Yes, we did the Eastern State Penitentiary Haunted House. Three words sum up this experience “Monster Be Good!”

After having several mini heartaches during the haunted house, it was back to the hotel to change for dinner. Oh Buddakhan, how I love thee. It’s seriously one of my favorite restaurants. And, not just because of its Sex and the City connection, but because the food is really good. Spicy Rock Shrimp Bao Buns for appetizers? Check, totally delish! Lobster Fried Rice to share, that’s a no brainer. And, for my main dish – the Kung Pao Monk Fish…all washed down with a glass of prosecco. It was the perfect way to end the day.

And, what’s a girls weekend without a final meal? Not much of one – so before we headed back to our separate dots on the east coast, we brunched at the famous Ms. Tootsies’s. This place can get crowded so we got there literally minutes after the doors opened and were the first to be seated. And not too long later, all the tables around us were completely filled. In my opinion the furniture could use some updating, but the food was tasty. The full size cornbread muffins with strawberry butter were amazing. I only had half of one to save room for my chicken + waffles. It’s a total cliché meal, but Ms. Tootsie’s did it some serious justice. If you’re a light eater, I would suggest the appetizer portion of this; I took home half of my meal. Another tip – skip the coffee and order the sweet tea. Just trust me on that one.

It was a quick 24 hours in the city of “brotherly love”, but I’m glad we made the time to do it. Life gets hectic, so these types of adventures are necessary to stay connected. We now have some new material for our inside jokes. To my girls…”Stab?? I didn’t stab nobody!” 🙂

Thanks for reading my story, hope you enjoyed.

happy travels, tiffany

p.s. – while there were references made to jail and stabbing, no one was harmed nor jailed during this trip.

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