on the food scene in downtown san jose

san jose street art mural

I spent this past week in San Jose at my company’s sales + marketing kickoff meeting. Holy information overload! Anyhow, in my many trips to San Jose this was the first time I ventured downtown. To be honest, it wasn’t so impressive – at the least the parts I saw within the 5-block radius of the convention center. HOWEVER, when I had a chance to break free I did stumble upon a couple of hidden gems.

The Farmer’s Union Restaurant. It just opened last year and is located in the original San Jose Farmer’s Union Building so it has that cool industrial look and feel to it. As their website says, “The Farmers Union is comfortable and unpretentious; a place that is perfect for lunching with co-workers and the boss, impressing your date or hanging out for the night with a group of your closest friends.” Yep, it’s all of those things. I went with co-workers (no bosses!) and we had a great time. These were the stars of the meal: appetizers, go for the  IPA + cheddar fondue. For dinner, several started with the roasted beet salad, and followed with the grilled flat iron steak. Me? I opted for the spicy prawn pasta. Not the best I’ve had but it was still a solid dish. Of course there was dessert, the apple crisp won out in this category. Drink wise, the moscow mule all the way.

Nemea Greek Taverna. Wepa! I think we tried everything on this menu. I’m talking fried cheese that is literally set on fire or “fried” at your table, zucchini cakes, flat bread, spanakopita, and lots more. But, the fried cheese was the real star of the appetizers. For the main course, I can’t speak for everyone else, but my white sea bass was AMAZING! While we were all stuffed, we simply couldn’t pass up dessert. For my doughnut and beignet lovers out there, loukoumathes are a must! It’s a traditional Greek beignet with fudge and honey syrup. Holy, deliciousness!

Next time you’re in San Jose, I highly recommend you check out at least one or both of these places.

happy travels, tiffany


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