packed + ready: thanksgiving break + work travel

thanksgiving packing

It’s been a little while since I’ve done a packing post so I felt compelled to do a quick one with the upcoming holiday break. After five glorious days at home since my New Orleans trip, I’ve packed my stuff once again to go see my fam for Thanksgiving (yay!) and then to fly out on Sunday to Orlando for work (boo!). I’ll be gone for nine days and still everything (outfits for 40 degree VA weather and 60-70 degree FL weather) will fit in my carry-on suitcase and my Tory Burch travel tote.

How do I make this work? Versatile basics,  solid color (black) pants and in general, a neutral color palette to allow for mixing and matching. I use a scarf and accessories for the punch as most people won’t even realize you’ve worn the same pair of pants more than once. This method is nothing ground breaking, but it’s totally functional and to me I feel completely chic at all times (even when traveling home on a bus)!

What did I pack?

Pants: (1) trousers // (2) leggings

Shirts: (1) equipment coin blouse (old) // (2) DVF sleeveless blouse (old) // (3) everlane tees // (4) H&M jumper (old) // (5) J.Crew ivory sleeveless tunic

Dress: (1) DVF Reina Shibori tunic 

Sweaters: (1) BR black merino wool // (2) Target wool blend // (3) BR leather cardigan

Coat + Scarf:  (1) Michael Kors trench (not pictured) // (2) Theodora + Callum (my fav!)

Shoes: (1) Diesel black flat boots (2) DV red monk oxfords (3) Havianas black sandals (4) MBMJ flip flops (not pictured)

How did I pack?

Packing cubes. They’re lifesavers and make my life very simple on the road.

Image 1

Everything I plan to wear during the Thanksgiving break will go into one of my packing cubes (see above) and my work stuff will go in another. I “tight roll” each item and then pack the heavier ones on the bottom of the cube. So, sweaters first, then blouses and I topped this particular cube off with my tunic so that my silk blouses have even more protection. To save space, I wear my chunkier items (cardigan and leggings) for travel that way I don’t have to actually pack those items.

Travel tip: hang on arrival. I’m not big on ironing so the first thing I do when I get to my hotel room is unpack and hang everything. This allows time for anything that got wrinkled to start to “iron” itself out. And, I try to opt for more wrinkle-free or wrinkle-less options like jersey, wools, cotton, tencel, nylon and cashmere.

For those in the US, Happy Thanksgiving!

happy travels,


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