#sundaysurfing: give the gift of taste

wine class

…Wine tasting (or any beverage for that matter) that is.

I attended the Chelsea Vault Weekend Wine School last sunday and it was fantastic! It’s not one of those pretentious places where they take their wine WAY too seriously, but our teacher Rick was funny and gave the sage advice of “drink your wine how you want, you paid for it!” Touché Rick, touché!

Seriously, if you’re looking for a gift for someone who has everything, or something fun to do on a weekend or weekday for that matter, then look into a wine class, or champagne or even a bourbon class. You learn a thing or two (I learned that if your mouth waters after swallowing, then the wine has a higher acidity) and hey, you get to drink so where’s the harm in that?

My favorites from this class: Kung Fu Girl Riesling + Santa Barbara Pinot Noir.

happy travels,

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