#travel story: beignets in the big easy



When visiting New Orleans last month my #1 goal was to eat beignets. Yes, beignets. It was my first trip to the big easy…I did take a quick stroll down Bourbon Street, wandered around the French Quarter and journeyed to the Garden District for dinner at the Commander’s Palace, but eating beignets was the clear star of this trip.

•Café Du Monde•  A must visit when in New Orleans. Be prepared for long lines and a cash only operation. And possibly a few scary locals. While waiting in line, the security guard almost came to fisticuffs with a scruffy looking gentlemen. {Note – there are two lines at the main outpost, one is for to-go orders and the other is to sit in out the outside area.} However, the beignets were worth the wait and the front row space in line for the aforementioned possible fight – totally  lived up to the storied hype. They were simply golden squares of hot fried batter topped with powdered sugar goodness. Hmmm, my mouth just started to water a bit. If you don’t want to sit with masses in the outdoor seating area, get yours and run across the street to Jackson Square Park. 

•Café Beignet• Where Café Du Monde has history on its side, Café Beignet has charm. From the striped canopy and checkerboard floors to wire framed chairs and unique tables, I felt like I was transported to a sidewalk cafe in Paris. It was the perfect way to spend my last morning in New Orleans.

I know, I know you’re waiting to see which one wins out in my book. It’s a tough choice and it’s been a little while since my trip, but the win goes to Café Du Monde.  I’m not sure I can really describe why, but when recalling the two I can still taste the ones I had from there…weird I know, but they must have been THAT good if my taste buds can still satiate on demand when writing about them. If you want more of that café in Europe feel, then go to Café Beignet and trust me you’ll be just as satisfied with their beignets as well.

happy travels, tiffany


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