#sundaysurfing: anitgravity + aerial yoga in a city near you

aerial yoga nyc

Did your new year’s resolution involve losing weight? getting in shape? going to the gym? Did you sign up for a gym membership and are already ready to call it quits?

Sorry for the marketing intro , but I wanted to share a really challenging, yet fun fitness option if the gym just isn’t cutting it. In an effort to avoid the “I’m going to the gym” new year’s resolution, I decided to try something new on New Year’s Eve Eve (a.k.a. December 30, 2014). I tried  the AG® Fundamentals class at Christopher Harrison’s AntiGravity® Fitness studio and came away feeling energized, stretched and yeah sore. When reading the description and FAQ’s, I thought the class was going to be “easy”. Boy, was I was wrong. I’m nobody’s gymnast or yogi so some of the moves were not “second” nature to me; while the class was challenging it wasn’t impossible. The studio was clean, instruction was nice and there were a lot of first timers in my class so it was a total judgment-free zone.

A few notes: wear long pants and a sleeved shirt – your skin will rub, get grip socks if you’re like me and haven’t had your winter pedicure, during some of the inverted poses my ankles and feet started to cramp a bit + be prepared for air to possibly seep out of crevices and make noises during this class. (I know, I know TMI).

I did a little digging and here are a few AntiGravity® or aerial fitness/yoga classes in major cities around the U.S. Even if you’re traveling, I’d encourage you to take a class…most studios offer a day pass in the $18 to $25 range.

Get ready to Strengthen. Stretch. Fly. {totally borrowed this from Aerial Yoga Houston’s webpage}


New York |Christopher Harrison’s AntiGravity® Fitness (locations worldwide)

Philadelphia | kaya Aerial Yoga

Washington, DC | Spark Yoga

Atlanta | Vita-Prana Yoga Studio

Miami |TRIO Yoga

Chicago | AIR Aerial Fitness 

Houston |Aerial Yoga Houston

Los Angeles |AIR Aerial Fitness (Dallas location coming soon)

happy adventures, tiffany

p.s. I’m trying class #2 on Tuesday.



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