saturdays at the museum, a perfect way to spend a winter day


Anyone who lives or has visited New York recently knows it’s been windy, snowy, and bitter cold. I love this city; however, when the temperature is hovering near single digits, I’m much less enthusiastic about leaving the radiator heat of my apartment and walking around in these streets. That said, one thing that can get me to leave is having a set plan. And, for two Saturdays in a row that plan was the museum. Brooklyn Museum and New Museum to be exact.

For fashion and shoe lovers out there, the Brooklyn Museum has extended the Killer Heels: The Art of the High-Heeled Show exhibition until March 1. From deadly sharp stilettos, to architecturally inspired wedges, this exhibition explores the high-heeled shoes rich and varied history. While I recommend attending, be prepared for a crowd and very warm rooms, especially the ‘fetish’ room with the thigh-high, red leather Christian Louboutin boots. Fashionistas alike were armed with elbows and camera phones.

Some of my favorites? The ‘Eiffel Tower’ by Jean Paul Gaultier, the ‘Fetish Ballerines’ by Christian Louboutin, the ‘Glass Slipper’ by Maison Martin Margiela  and United Nude’s ‘Flat Pack Shoes’ (For Moon Life Project) – Needless to say, this particular vignette caught my attention! United Nude created these futuristic shoes as part of a project, which was about designing products and concepts for traveling and living in space. With folks like Richard Branson creating commercial spacecrafts, this may well be the future of packing! Meanwhile, here on Earth, I think this could be adapted for non-space travel. The shoes come flat packed and are made up of lightweight and slotted carbon-fiber pieces that fit together. Just think how much space this would save in your suitcase and you’d be able to create different options based on what you wanted to wear that day – brilliant, right?!

After getting my fashion fix, next up was a more “traditional” art exhibit: ‘Chris Ofili: Night and Day’ exhibition at New Museum. Unfortunately, this exhibition ended on Feb 1, but you can get a taste by ordering the book. I’m no art critic so I won’t use this space to talk about composition or try to dissect the artist’s intent, but I will say his pieces were moving and emotion-evoking. His work is vibrant and the use of layering paint, resin, glitter and elephant dung (yes, you read that correctly) was unique. The New Museum is small compared to other behemoths like The Met, MoMA or the above mentioned Brooklyn Museum, but it was perfectly intimate, and allowed you to really take in and experience the work of this artist. Below are a few shots I captured. Not pictured, works from ‘The Blue Rider’ series, which were my particular favorite,  outside of the ‘Annunciation’ statue (pictured below).

Total cost to visit both museums = $30, Total value of learning = priceless.

happy adventures, tiffany



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