travel, interrupted


deluxe scratch map

deluxe scratch map c/o uncommon goods

Every so often, I take time to pause to reflect on what I’ve accomplished and where I thought I’d be by a particular time in my life (life time ticker : early 30’s). No, I’m not talking kids and marriage, but more like careers and knowing what I wanted to be when I “grew up”. Fashion or sports marketing? That was in the plan. Owning my own boutique? Perhaps, one day. Living in the DMV area? Sure, it’s my hometown. But, marketing to the federal government from NYC? Not in my wildest dreams. But today, that’s where I find myself – living in Manhattan, while marketing & selling IT solutions to the world’s largest technology consumer.

So what in the world does this have to do with travel interrupted? Well, in my current position, I’m required to hit the airways rather frequently, and as I reflect on the “what-ifs???”….

What if I had applied to that study abroad program?
What if I had taken that advertising job with Macy’s?
What if I had applied to that unpaid internship with the Philadelphia 76ers?

I don’t know if those “what ifs” would have provided me the same amount of travel opportunities that I’ve been lucky enough to experience. Or, would I have figured it out and charted off on my own to explore the still gold parts on the map ? Who’s to say? But, what I know for certain is I appreciate the chances I’ve had to explore my own country and the moments I’ve been able to escape its bounds. There’s nothing like a trip abroad to give you that gut check you need to remind you that while the world is “smaller” thanks to the internet, it’s still vast, very, very vast. And, there’s much to see and explore.

Now that I’ve tasted the fruits of my traveling labor, I have the thirst for more. I think they call that the travel bug? Whatever my future holds, traveling will be a part of it in some shape or form. I have canals to maneuver in Venice before the city sinks; outlets to visit and pizza to eat in Italy; endless views to experience in the Maldives; flamenco dancers to awe in Spain; culture to immerse in and wine to drink in Portugal; and sensory overload to experience in Tokyo. Oh, and gifts to give that inspire others to travel.

In the spirit of sharing, here’s a quick tip/mini product review of the above map. Be sure to scratch it slowly and apply pressure. I thought the material was going to me more like a lottery ticket, and easily reveal the “prize” underneath. However, when you scratch too rapidly it smears the name of the cities or countries and makes you wish you had just left the map in its original state – which is pretty stylish in its own right. Right now, this map serves as the ONLY piece of “artwork” in my living room.

Anyhow….happy travels, tiffany

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