central park on a sunday

central park nyc

central park, nyc

On Sunday, Central Park was ALIVE. The sun was out, sharing its disposition. The clouds decided not to hover and the wind was kind enough to only breeze through on occasion.

As I looked around, I began to wonder how far people traveled just to be here at this moment. Did they walk? Take the train? Already downtown and decided to just stop in the park? Did they make a dedicated trip to be here at this moment? To enjoy. To relax. To just be. I know random thoughts, but that’s what came to mind.

For me, I had errands to run, but brought my laptop so that I could hang out in the park and pen some posts. I had no particular subjects in mind, but as I sat and observed this post began to form itself.

In the next few statements, I will try to capture and express what I felt in the moment because it felt a lot like happiness and reminded me why I love living in this city.

Every spring there’s a sense of renewal, of hope, of lightness. I had an urge to yell – I’m at the park! (Bonus points, if you got that reference.)I didn’t, but felt the urge all the same.

From where I sat:

  • Balls were being tossed, kicked and ran after.
  • Birthday’s celebrated as told by metallic blue balloons announcing to the world someone was turning 30!
  • Hands were utilized to hold a phone to one ear and to wave emphatically~I’m over here! Or, I see you!
  • Kids ran free, while parents trailed close behind.
  • Sunscreen was sprayed, flesh barred, a few bathing suits sighted and more tank tops than I could count. I mean it was beautiful outside, but it wasn’t that HOT!
  • Whole Foods made a killing! Their green logo completely dotted the park.
  • People ran to greet friends and family. Pure joy in their bounce~nothing like the typical sprint to catch a train or bus.
  • The city broke loose from the polar vortex that claimed this winter.
  • Everyone had smiles on their faces, appeared carefree – if only for a few moments.

No stress was felt in the park yesterday; just an unequivocal sigh of relief ~spring had finally arrived and everyone’s love affair with the city renewed.

Central Park on a Sunday is a beautiful place to be.

happy spring, tiffany 

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