#traveltip | top destinations to visit in may

The Soul of Kyoto || Japan

It’s May, meaning Mother’s Day (in the U.S.), graduations (collegiate + high school) and summer vacations are all fast approaching. For me, May also means a new beginning. I’m starting a new job today, which is exciting and a little nerve wrecking. I’m looking forward to the new challenge, but it also means I have to learn to navigate new waters and prove myself to a new group of folks. Change is good (right?) and as they say it’s the only constant; therefore, I’m embracing it with open arms. With the new position, I may not end up traveling as much (some folks thought I was crazy for taking a position that cuts back my travel).  Lucky for you, I had a solid four years of traveling with my last job, so I still have plenty of stories and tips yet to be shared! And, what do I look forward to the most? Actually taking a real vacation, instead of tacking on a day here or a day there to a work trip. When I left my last job, I cashed in OVER A MONTH of paid time off (that would have been more, but my company shut down two weeks a year). Granted it was a nice payout, but I love that MasterCard commercial, where they give the stat that over 400 million paid vacation days go unused every year. And, the kid says “that’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard.” Like MasterCard, I agree. This time around, I’m taking my paid vacation days and will share my stories and tips!

For those of you not like me and actually use your vacation days, here are the best places to visit in May:

Beach | Crete (Greece is on my 2016 travel list!)

Active |Snorkeling + scuba diving, Polynesia (well known islands: Hawaii, Tahiti, Fiji, Bora Bora)

Culture | Old Kyoto, Japan (Japan is one of my must-see countries!)

City | Berlin (check out the city through the “eyes” of these Instagrammers)

Honeymoon | Country house escape, England (looks like a beautiful place for a spring wedding!) 

Wildlife | Galapagos Islands, Ecuador (tip: May is low-season)

happy travels, tiffany 



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