packed + ready | memorial day weekend

packed + ready | memorial day 2015

Can you believe it’s Memorial Day already?! I never thought I’d see the days of 70-to-80 degree weather and a time where lounging by the pool is a daytime activity. I can’t remember what I did for Memorial Day last year (guess it wasn’t memorable). This year I’m a bit travel weary and don’t want to contend with the masses on the road or in the air –  if the predictions come true, this year will mark the highest level of travel in the past decade!

However, I do want to feel like I’m going somewhere for the holiday, so I decided on a stay-cation. Yep, staying in city, booked a hotel room for the night, plan to chill out and relax by the pool with a drink + a book, and hit the town for a night. Sounds like a good way to kick off summer to me. What plans do you have? Hitting the road? Or staying close to home? I’d love to hear.

happy travels, tiffany


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