chanel no. 5 | a cool way to experience this iconic fragrance

Number five, my lucky number. It will be Chanel Nº5. -Gabrielle Chanel

One of the things I love about living in New York City is the abundance of FREE things you can do. This past weekend that free activity was attending the last day of Chanel’s public exhibit, “Nº5 in a New Light”. The exhibit was all about celebrating this iconic, 94-year-old fragrance and encouraged attendees to “let their senses guide them through the five layers of creation, cultivation, composition, abstraction and revelation of the world’s first modern fragrance.”

  1. creation: launched in 1929, Nº5 was daring in its simplicity and modernity and more than 90 years later, the fragrance still holds the power to astonish and seduce.
  2. cultivation: in the early 1920’s, flowers chosen for Nº5 came from Grasse, France, a legendary town known as the birthplace of perfumery.
  3.  composition: the ingredients of a fragrance are referred to as ‘notes’ and presents itself in three tiers – top notes, middle notes and base notes. A fragrance doesn’t have a single dominant note in the fragrance and is “interpreted” differently depending on the wearer.
  4. abstraction: it’s been said that inspiration for Nº5 came from a summer expedition to the North Pole, where “the midnight sun, the lakes and rivers gave off an extraordinarily fresh fragrance.”
  5. revelation: the modern interpretation, Eau Première is more delicate and has a lightness to it. Per Chanel Master Perfumer, Jacques Polge, “Smell and you will see.”

I spent more time in line than I did in the exhibit, but it was worth the wait. This was a completely new way to experience an exhibit from partaking in motion-sensor technology to experiencing abstract art and rounding out the experience with a way to share with the social area. As someone who manages events, this was top-notch – simple in its approach, but highly engaging and effective in its delivery. Chanel said it best…

In order to be irreplaceable. One must always be different. – Gabrielle Chanel

happy adeventures, tiffany 


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