packed + ready | what to pack for a 3-day business trip

packed + ready: 3-day business trip

This past week, I went to Heathrow, FL [never heard of it? It’s about 45-minutes NE of Orlando] for an offsite meeting with my new team. It was a quick trip: travel in on Wednesday afternoon to have fun, get down to business on Thursday and tie up any loose business ends on Friday before traveling back home. With such a short trip and an uncertain flight on the way home (I had to use new business travel tools and didn’t get a seat assigned when I booked) I decided to pack even lighter than normal – no suitcases on this trip! I only had a small overnight bag (one of those free gift w/purchase ones) that could be crammed into any overhead space and my trusty Tory Burch tote. Check out my Polyvore page for the list of items above. It’s pretty spot on to the EXACT items I packed for my trip.

happy travels, tiffany


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