travel story | 4 days in paris, france (day 1)

paris architecture

The Louvre Museum

For some reason, I’ve had a bit of blogger’s block since coming back from my vacation in August. I don’t know if it was a fear of not finding the right words to capture the amazing time I had…simply the result of wanting to savor the experience for myself….or genuinely being tired after going back to work and not having enough brain cells to muster up the words to type. Now that summer has come to its unofficial end, it’s time to start firing on all cylinders, which means getting back into a regular blogging habit. Stories about Paris seemed like the perfect place to start, so here we go…

Day 1: Airport, Plane Ride, Naps, Wine, Beach + Bikes

Got TSA pre-check, yay! That made for getting through security in record time • A couple glasses of rosé • Ordered food with an iPad, a pilot United is doing with restaurants in its terminals…they still have some bugs to work out • Got great upgraded seats on my mileage tickets, but got stuck next to a man with a cold and penchant for picking his nose. • Finally, arrived at Charles de Gaulle, the most futuristic airport I’ve personally been in, but forgot to take pictures because I was tired and just wanted to get through customs. (I know, I’m a bad blogger)…

First glass of many!

First glass of many!

Made it through customs pretty quickly • Soon learned you don’t swipe your cards in Paris; you insert them in the machine and leave them in until the machine tells you take it out (lesson learned while trying to get tickets for the Roissy bus) • It’s easy to navigate Paris public transportation, but not necessarily walking in its streets • The Opera Metro station is close to Hotel du Louvre, but not when you get turned around and have to wheel your luggage down cobblestone streets • The Hotel du Louvre is a wonderfully historic hotel literally steps from the Louvre museum. I give them extra service points for them allowing us to check in at 10 in the morning, although the room had no view, was a bit tiny, smelled of smoke, but hey I used points and was only there for a night…


photo courtesy of Hotel du Louvre, a Hyatt Hotel

After unpacking and a two-hour siesta • Headed to Cafe Kitsune for iced matcha and cold-pressed juice, then a nice walk to Le Marais to check out the falafels at L’As Du Fallafel • Next up, a bottle of rosé, a beach chair, Paris Plages and the River Seine…

Iced macha + Cold-pressed juice @ Cafe Kitsune

Iced macha + Cold-pressed juice @ Cafe Kitsune

best falafels in paris

Waiting to get a fallafel…

best fallafels in paris

Stuffing my face after waiting in said line @ L’Aus Du Fallafel

Paris Plages 2015

Paris Plages

A quick change and long walk from the 1st arrondissement to the 16th • A  Fat Tire Night Bike Tour • Alan, the funniest tour guide ever • an international mash-up of a tour group • boxed wine as fuel • Paris as our muse…

You know, just riding a bike past the Eiffel Tour, no big deal

You know, just riding a bike past the Eiffel Tour, no big deal

And by Notre Dame...

And by Notre Dame…


Over the “new” locks of love bridge @ Pont des Arts

The sun sets in Paris

Ended the evening with a biking wound (a story for another day) • the best €4 crepes, followed by 3 more bottles of red wine • Champs de Mars and the Eiffel Tower • It was a glorious start to the most amazing trip…

The best 4 euro crepes, especially after midnight and before drinking 3 more bottles of wine!

Our new “friends” from the tour

Eiffel Tower After Dark

Eiffel Tower After Dark

Stay tuned, I still have 3 more days to go and 8 hours in Iceland!

happy travels, tiffany


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